As much as we’d all love to live every morning in perfect harmony, enjoying a healthy, nutritious breakfast at the table with our family, basking in the sunlight of a new day, this isn’t always reality! If you’re anything like me, some mornings (okay, most mornings if I’m being perfectly honest), you’re either running late, getting caught up in a really good pod-cast, or trying desperately to get your eye-liner just right! Some days we all just need something quick, easy and portable. Enter the perfect solution to your breakfast woes – this Morning Glory Muffin is jam-packed with veggies, fruit and fibre – it’ll keep you feeling full and satisfied, and save you from having to grab something less nutritious on-the-go.


PDF Download: Morning Glory Muffins


I also thought it might be handy to offer some ideas of how combine these muffins into a well-balanced breakfast or snack.


Breakfast Combos:

  • Morning Glory Muffin + 1-2 hard boiled eggs + 1 fruit
  • Morning Glory Muffin + Greek Yogurt + fresh berries


Snack Combos:

  • Morning Glory Muffin + 1-2 oz cheese