Thrive throughout pregnancy with science-based nutrition that fosters a healthy relationship with food.

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Mama Baby Nutrition

Prenatal and Infant Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

We are a team of dietitians specialising in pregnancy and infant nutrition based in London, Ontario.

We also serve the Toronto & GTA area, as well as the rest of Ontario.

We use a non-diet, health at every size approach to help those who are trying to conceive, pregnant or postpartum, make informed nutrition choices that are best for them and their baby. 

Through our one-on-one prenatal nutrition coaching we provide science-based, individualized recommendations to make the journey through pregnancy and postpartum less stressful and more enjoyable.

Our group programs provide nutrition guidance throughout pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood. They were also created to foster community with others who are going through the same stages of life. Our students learn together and lean on each other to minimize their confusion and overwhelm, and build confidence in themselves. 

Our hope is to build a community of mamas and mamas-to-be, who feel both supported and safe throughout their motherhood journey. 

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Our 10-week pregnancy nutrition program that covers all of the stages of pregnancy, as well as preparing for labour and postpartum nutrition. Learn the nutrition needed to grow a healthy, thriving baby and how to use food to minimize pregnancy symptoms (and lots more!).

starting solids

Our virtual infant nutrition program helps you learn the best and safest way to introduce solids to your baby. Feel confident that you’re feeding your baby exactly what they need and use best practices to help them become a good eater.


Get clear, science-based, and specific prenatal nutrition advice for yourself and your baby from a Registered Dietitian. Whether you want to make sure your nutrient needs are met or get support with a health concern, we can give you the best answers.

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Unsure what program or service is right for you? Want to make sure we are the right people to help?

Book a 15-min free consultation with one of our dietitians to get guidance on the best way to meet your family and prenatal nutrition needs.

About our founder

Aimee Tyler-Smith, RD, BEd

Hey Mama! I’m Aimee.

I’m a Registered Dietitian in London, Ontario and my passion is prenatal and infant nutrition.

As a mama of two myself, I know first-hand how it feels to want to do everything right, while simultaneously being afraid that I’d do everything wrong. I struggled to find the support I needed throughout my pregnancies, and I want to make sure that other moms don’t struggle the same way I did.

I’m here to help other mamas feel confident in their food choices and at peace with their relationship to food so that they can thrive throughout pregnancy and foster great eating habits in their babies.

Meet Aimee Founder of Mama Baby Nutrition Prenatal and Infant nutrition

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